i will 100% be seeing the arctic monkeys again.

fansiedarlene asked:
Hey! When you met MKTO in the pictures you posted, was that part of the meet and greet, or did you see them separately? I'm seeing them also, but it was too late to buy the upgrade :(

We met them outside of the venue before the concert. normally they will walk around a little bit depending on where they are playing. we got there around 1 pm so if your looking to meet them before you would have to get there pretty early. otherwise, you could wait outside the venue after, but there is no guarantees that they would be able to meet/take pictures with everyone because a lot of people do wait outside for them after the show. Hope I could help! (:

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they are my favorite people(((:

hi guys!

since this is a concert blog, I figured I could tell yall about this!

we are selling ED SHEERAN TICKETS



SECTION 114 (right next to the stage)


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MKTO: American Dream Tour


Venue: ★★★★★

Audience: ★★★★

Overall: ★★★★★

This was our last stop on our weekend full of concerts. MKTO are such fun guys, so it was good to end with them. I had already seen and met them once and I was so excited I got to meet them again while they played their headlining show!

There were 3 openers for MKTO which I thought was a lot. One was a Cincinnati local, so he was just doing our show, but 2 is still kind of a lot. Since there were so many openers, I feel like I was already tired when MKTO came on, which I didn’t want to be. MKTO’s set was also short, they were on for maybe an hour, so I feel like we kinda got cheated there. But while they were on they were so good! They had drums that they would play a couple times which was so hot, then they would throw their drum sticks out, and Carly got one! Even though she almost fought a girl for it whoops. Tony and Malcolm each did a song by themselves which was cool, because you don’t see that a lot with bands. You can tell they love performing because they jump around and really enjoy it.

Bogarts is one of my favorite venues. I might be biased because I live so close, but it is still so great. The employees are the nicest, and try to help with whatever they can. The only thing I didn’t like (not really venue related) was the meet and greet. My group got there second. So we should have had front row, but meet and greet get to go in first so we were fourth row instead. I know that’s how it has to work, but it’s just frustrating.

The audience wasn’t bad at all, given there weren’t that many people there. We made friends in line who were fun. And hung out with them for most of the day, before during and after the concert. Inside we only had one issue with people pushing and being rude but other than that the crown was good!

Overall the show was really fun. They gave so many tickets away that I could have gotten some for free, but I paid $30 for my ticket which sucks but it was worth it! MKTO are SO entertaining. If you have the chance, go see them!

MKTO & Alex Angelo!

Bruno Mars: Moonshine Jungle Tour


Venue: ★★★★★

Audience: ★★★★

Overall: ★★★★★

Most of the shows I go to are small, general admission venues. So it was different going to such a big and filled out show. This was the second stop on our weekend of concerts and it COMPLETELY blew me away.

If I could give this show 90423947 stars I would. Bruno Mars SLAYS. I think it was a better performance than the super bowl whoops. He had everything from dancing and more dancing, to loud bangs and what seemed like fireworks. Literally the whole shebang. He talked a lot, got the crowd involved and singing and even personalized the lyrics for Cincinnati. His dance moves man, let me tell you. I think I got pregnant MANY times just from watching him dance. HOT DAMN

The venue was nice! I had been before, so I knew what to expect. Its pretty much like any arena. I again got tickets last minute and our seats were on the right of the stage, so our view was pretty good.

The audience was fun! It was a WAY older crowd than I expected. Like mainly people in their 30s+. But that’s okay! Everyone sang along to his songs, danced and had a great time.

I was again thinking about not going, but I am SO GLAD I did. I will go to another Bruno show in a heartbeat. And I highly suggest you do too! My only advice is to not get seats on the side of the stage for him just because he does a lot of choreographed dancing and it all faces the front. But I mean seeing Bruno live is seeing bruno life.

my babes :))))

Emblem 3: Fireside Story Sessions Tour


Venue: ★★★★★

Audience: ★★★★

Overall: ★★★★★

This show was the first stop on our weekend full of concerts and it was definitely a good one! It was was very intimate like promised. Wesley and Keaton are SUCH sweethearts I could not pass up an opportunity to see them, even if it was $100.

The performance was great! I saw them on bandlife and they killed it, but this was even better, since you don’t get to see a band perform acoustic very often. (and boys with guitars are super hot) It was so amazing to hear their voices COMPLETELY raw. Nothing changing their voices, no music behind them. Just the strombros and a guitar. They answered questions between songs, and some of the questions were stupid and annoying but they answered them anyway. I was kinda upset that they only had an hour long set, and it wasn’t them singing the whole time. They only sang like 5 songs and I feel like for $100 we needed at least a little longer of a set. But we did get meet and greet for no extra cost. We got a selfie and a professional picture. The m&g was rushed and the body guard was pretty much in the pictures he was so close. I didn’t even have time to ask for my pose, but my pictures are still cute. (Wesley also gave me a huge hug and called me cutie. :))))) )

The venue was very weird. It wasn’t even a music venue, it was like a history building or something. Waiting in line was nice because the building created shade. When we went inside we had to go up like 5 flights of steps (aka my workout for the week) We were in a small room with a mini stage for the strombros. I was worried everyone was going watch each other take our m&g pictures, but they turned the curtain around. Not that it really helped because the back wall was all mirrors. But it made it a little nicer.

The audience wasn’t bad, I mean there were only 200 people. The only issue we had was some cutting. Which was stupid on their part because there were wristbands so clearly it was obvious who was there before who. This was brought up to some e3 staff and it was semi taken care of. Everyone sat down for the show which was nice because that way no one was pushing and everyone could see.

The cost was high for 5 songs, but not having to pay for a meet and greet made up for it. Overall I am glad I went. It was nice to see emblem3 completely natural, interacting with the fans. (and it was not awkward without drew) These are some of the most down to earth real artists I’ve ever met. They were absolutely amazing on and off stage. Seriously if you can go to a show or meet them, do it.